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The next 10 years in Hemp. Time TBA

Bruce Ryan

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The Industrial Hemp Value Chain
Cannabis (hemp) can produce food, clothing, shelter, fuel, plastics and more from the same crop. It is the only plant we cultivate with this amazing capability and potential.

Prior to 2019, the vast majority of hemp crops in Canada were grown for seed only and sold into the health food markets. Hemp seed oil can be further
processed to make a wide variety of bio-plastics and fuel.
CBD taken from hemp flower tops and leaf material is highly prized in the current markets. We expect this trend to continue over the next five years. We
do not address the CBD market aspect specifically.

The stalk is currently treated as farm waste. Industrial hemp produces up to seven tons of stalk material per acre. This can be broken down into fiber and core
for manufacturing products.30% of the hemp stalk is strong fiber: used in a wide range of products from rope to composites to textiles.

The balance (70%) is core “hurd”: almost pure cellulose that can be used for building materials, panels, fuel-pellets, paper, and plastics as well. Speaker BioBruce Ryan – Chief Executive Officer & Founder CannaSystems Canada Inc.
• Cannabis sector expertise for forty years.
• Canadian Hemp Trade Alliance co-founder: 2003 – Current CHTA member
Mr. Ryan has extensive involvement in the cannabis sector including farming, cultivation, seed breeding, processing and machine technologies required for industrial applications. His personal vision includes 85 million hectares of cannabis cultivated worldwide for all purposes. Bruce is a published writer and media specialist with 7,000+ sector contacts and thousands of followers worldwide.

• CannaSystems Canada Inc. is bringing a commercial scale hemp processing system to market in 2019. The R-2 decorticator solves the stalk processing problem for both hemp farms and cannabis producers.

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