Cannabis Big Data: Automated Analytics & Predictive Models for Cannabis Businesses in the Era of Big Data

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Time: TBA
Website: www.CannabisBigData.

With the continuing drop in cannabis wholesale prices and the increase in competition for brands and retailers, it’s more important than ever for cannabis businesses use their data to increase revenues and decrease costs. Growing margins a key job requirement of any modern business owner!

This session covers starts basic and quickly escalates to advanced data & analytics for cannabis business owners and managers. We start by covering all the data points and sources that are relevant for cultivation, manufacturing, and retail decisions. Then we review typical reports and analyses that inform those decisions, complete with examples and instructions for how to develop those reports yourself. For more advanced teams, we will also cover predictive modeling and how to use your historical data for forecasting and budgeting. Finally, we will discuss ways to integrate and automate your data toolkit to simplify and streamline your team’s actionable insights

.3-5 actionable skills that attendees will get after the session:
1. Identify key data points & data sources within your cannabis cultivation, manufacturing, retail or vertically-integrated business
2. Define what decisions can be informed by your data, and how to develop a data-driven culture
3. Highlight what reports to run, how to run them, and what they tell you about your business
4. Distill a predictive model to empower forecasting and budgeting
5. Understand how to integrate and automate your reports & analytics
Speaker Bio
Henry Finkelstein, CEO & Founder of Cannabis Big Data, empowers colleagues and clients by spinning data into gold with intuitive, actionable insights. After working in e-commerce, consulting, healthcare and government contracting, Henry saw the opportunity to create a modern-day data toolkit for cannabis businesses that connect the data dots with one-click reports & dashboards that help companies earn more and stress less

.Henry’s person-centric approach to the power of data is summed up as “The only relevant data is actionable data, so count what counts and celebrate successes.”


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