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Stephen Dale
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What do customers care about? They want products and services that deliver for their explicit goals and implicit needs. Customers care about how organizations treat them, how their time is spent, and when and where they interact with products and services. Customers want businesses to listen to and understand them.Organizations that go beyond what is expected to surprise and delight their customers will see their reputations improve, as their customers transform into loyal brand advocates… This differentiating value also increases the ROI of marketing investments.The cannabis industry has enjoyed considerable growth over the past decade. Many producers and retailers have focused on product quality in an effort to set themselves apart. Consumers have enjoyed this ‘race to the top,’ but the strategy is not sustainable. Consider–as a parallel example–that Walmart now carries organic produce. How can you differentiate your brand? What will bring customers to your business and keep them coming back time and again? The answer is creating consistently amazing customer experiences; showing your customer that you care; by anticipating what your customers want and then exceeding that expectation. Simply put, customers are willing to pay more for excellent customer service.The customer experience, not our product, defines your brand.
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I specialize in putting strategic plans into action, strong leadership and unique projects. I have a diverse spectrum of experience, from founding small companies to working in large organizations. This experience has included several unique “special projects” endeavors over the past 20 years in the field of operations and project management. I have a great ability to focus on tough projects with defined deadlines and specific outcomes. My diversified empirical knowledge is derived through extensive training from the following operations: Nexstar Network, EGIA, Service Nation Alliance, Business Development Resources, Anthony Robbins Corporation, Airtime 500; just to name a few. My training style is unique through my ability to connect with others at all levels through humor, knowledge, and class participation. My passion illuminates through his ability to discover client’s pain points and help provide solutions for success together