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Jacques Santucci
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Finances, Market Trends, Cannabis
Disruptive Trends in Financial Management for the Cannabis Industry
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Never before have operators been faced with such disruption. New markets, new opportunities and an ever changing regulatory environment all work to disrupt the daily operations; today and in the years to come. Inventory management, accounting, cash management, margin and performance- the financial operation needs to mature and evolve beyond what has been done in the past decade in the cannabis industry. This session brings independent perspectives and industry insight to the financial management basics, trends, challenges and best practices for the new cannabis operator or the growing company. Learn about performance management and indicators and how to get accurate data through technology and best practices.
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With a background at Ernst and Young in business performance and corporate and financial management, Santucci started Opus Consulting Group 10 years go in Maine focused on performance management. Opus Consulting group specializes in Business Strategy and Management regardless of the size or industry. In addition to his work with clients at Opus, Jacques Santucci is also a co-founder of The Wellness Connection of Maine, which is Maine’s largest group of medical marijuana dispensaries.Wellness Connection operates four state licensed dispensaries and one growing facility. Santucci focuses on setting up the structure, funding, operations and administration of the business, which overseeing construction of the facilities. The most important aspect of his business practices include building relationships with clients to maintain a fluid work flow.