BeeZBee CBD Review: Should You Buy It?

As more and more people learn about CBD oil’s benefits, more brands are popping up and trying to cash in on the trend. BeeZBee CBD is one of those brands. This particular brand is designed for people suffering from different symptoms and health conditions. They also have a wide selection of products that are easy to purchase online. Let’s take a closer look.

Key Takeaway: Is This Company Reputable?

Rating: 7 out of 10

BeeZBee CBD may not be as reputable as the other big names in the CBD industry. But it will impress you with their wide variety of products as well as their quality. They carry a lot of products, from those infused with CBD to Delta 8 THC. The company also has some promotions and special deals to enjoy. This is why this brand continuously increases in popularity.

Pros & Cons

The company has pros and cons, but it’s easy to see the good.


  • Generally affordable price
  • Large selection of products available
  • Different levels of potencies
  • Lots of flavors to choose from
  • Free shipping for orders $50 and above


  • No customer service info on the website
  • Lacks information on ingredients, manufacturing process, and dosage
  • Does not accept refunds and returns

Top-Rated Product: CBD Tinctures

Image of BeeZBee CBD Tincture 250mg

CBD tincture is one of the most popular and potent products offered by BeeZBee CBD. These are easy to use and convenient. It comes with a dropper for easier measurement and application. This is to be taken sublingually and can be incorporated into your daily routine. The oils come in different flavors: original hemp seed oil, original MCT oil, vanilla, mint, and a lot more. This product helps in improving your well-being, giving you the right amount of nutrients.

There are different concentrations to choose from. You can choose if you want a higher or lower concentration. This can also be bought in a bottle and is available in two sizes, 15mL and 30mL.

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Runner-Up: Sugar-Free CBD Gummies

Image of BeeZBee CBD Sugar-Free CBD Gummies

CBD gummies make CBD intake convenient and delicious. The best thing about this product is that they are sugar-free. This means that people who are diabetics and those following a certain diet will not have problems with these gummies. Each pouch contains 12 fruity-flavored gummies. Each gummy contains 300mg CBD. You can choose from the full-spectrum or THC-free variant. You can take these gummies any time of day. It will give you relief from discomfort. It will also help you relax and calm down. Some feel more energized and focused. You can start with a gummy per day and gradually increase if needed.

Other Products Offered by BeeZBee CBD

There are more products provided by this brand. Among these are:

CBD Muscle & Body Oil

BeeZBee CBD Muscle & Body Oil

This massage oil is infused with full-spectrum CBD. It will give relief to stiff muscles and body sores. It can also help in making your skin smoother. This also works well with inflammation. If you feel that your body is a bit sore after a workout or a tiring day, you can have this oil massaged on the painful areas. It contains sunflower oil, jojoba oil, and olive oil. These ingredients help improve skin health and improve circulation. The oil contains different strengths to choose from: 100mg, 250mg, 550mg, 1200mg, and 2600mg. You can use this oil as often as needed.

CBD Capsules

BeeZBee CBD Low Strength Capsules

These capsules are perfect for those who do feel uncomfortable taking CBD oil into their mouth. This is also for those who want convenience when taking CBD. These capsules are easy to swallow since the oil is encased using a gelatin capsule. This is also easy to digest. The capsules can offer the same benefits as CBD oil. It helps get relief from pain, inflammation, stress, and insomnia. It also improves mood and energy. For some, they feel more relaxed and calm. The effects may vary from person to person.

The capsules come in different strengths: 10mg, 25mg, and 50mg for every capsule. It is available in a 50-count bottle.

CBD Salt Water Taffy

Image of BeeZBee CBD Salt Water Taffy

If you do not like munching on those gummies, you can switch to these CBD salt water taffy candies. Each taffy has 20mg CBD isolate. They are sweet and tasty, and you would forget that you are taking CBD into your system with it. These candies come in different flavors like strawberries & cream, bergamot orange, and many others. With continuous use, you will get the benefits that a regular CBD oil can give.

CBD + Delta 8 THC Pain Cream

Image of BeeZBee CBD + Delta 8 THC Pain Cream

This cream provides maximum pain relief. This is because it has a combination of two powerful cannabinoids. You can apply a small amount to areas that are aching. You will feel its effects immediately. It can provide long-lasting relief. This cream has cooling effects and will instantly make you feel comfortable and pain-free. It comes in three potencies: low with 200mg cannabinoids, medium with a total of 500mg cannabinoids, and high with 1200mg. It is available in two scents, lavender and blood orange.

CBD Purrfect Bites

Image of BeeZBee CBD Purrfect Bites in white background

Looking for pet treats specifically for cats? The CBD purrfect bites from BeeZBee CBD are the ones for you. This is formulated for your feline cats and their conditions. These treats can help give your pet cat the CBD they need. It can provide them with better mobility and lesser anxiety. This can also help improve their skin and fur health making them look shiny and appealing all the time. The bites come in a resealable pouch with 300mg CBD. Give this to your cat once or twice a day for best results. It can also be given to small dogs.

CBD Bath Bombs

Image of BeeZBee CBD Bath Bombs in various colors

These bombs are to be added to your bathtub water. Once dissolved, it will release the beneficial properties of CBD, which your skin will absorb. These bath bombs help in relaxation and ease out stress and tension from a long day. It is also beneficial to the skin as it will make your skin look and feel smooth. Each bath bomb contains 100mg of CBD. It can take away your body aches and soreness. You can choose from thirteen flavors: maple pecan brittle, breathe easy, winter garland, Cleopatra’s milk bath, strawberry champagne, cotton candy, spring rain, cranberry Bellini, seductive vanilla, Drakkar, lavender fields, fresh mango, and island kiwi. Choose the scent that you would like to smell once you have soaked it into your tub.

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Will BeeZBee CBD Deliver Near Me?

Yes, the company delivers to all states in the US. Shipping may take two to four business days via USPS.

Does BeeZBee CBD Publish Third-Party Testing?

Yes, they have their independent lab test reports posted on their website. This is a good thing as customers would want to know what’s inside the products they are purchasing.

Are There Any Available Discounts Available for BeeZBee CBD?

Girl with shopping bags from discount buying

This company is generous with promotions and special deals. This is aside from the fact that their products are already affordable. Currently, they are offering free shipping for orders $35 and up. This means that the total amount customers need to reach is lower than the usual $50. There are also discounted prices on some products.

Price Comparison: Are BeeZBee CBD Products Worth It?

Yes, they are worth buying. You are getting good-quality products at affordable prices. It is best to always order from their website since it will ensure you that you are getting a genuine product from the company.

Which Product Is Best For Me?

There are several factors to consider when choosing a product, and the best product for you will depend on your individual needs. Each product has its effects and benefits. Knowing more about these will also help you choose the product that you should buy. If you are looking for pain relief, some topicals and tinctures can target different levels of pain. Make sure to know what you need and which product you find most comfortable using.

Best Alternative Brands

Several alternative brands have gained popularity in recent years. While some people may still view these brands as being inferior to more well-known options, there are some reasons why they have become so popular. Your alternative brands are:

Zebra CBD

This brand has a lot of products to offer. They are often seen as a one-stop shop for CBD products. The company is also reputable and popular. Their products have gained a lot of positive reviews, making them a trustworthy brand to try.

Plain Jane

If you are looking for a brand that will provide you with quality products and excellent customer service, then you should consider investing in Plain Jane. Its years of experience will show that they know what its customers need. This is why they only produce products that will bring benefits to their customers.

Level Select CBD

Level Select CBD allows you to find the most fitted level of potency for your CBD needs. They also carry a lot of products with a lot of potency options to choose from. Most of their products have high potencies, which are perfect for those who need higher doses of CBD.

Final Review: Should I Order From BeeZBee CBD?

Many different CBD oil brands are available, so it can be challenging to decide which one to choose. BeeZBee CBD is one brand that offers high-quality CBD oil products. BeeZBee CBD products are made with organic hemp. They carry a wide selection of products that are sure to meet your needs. Plus, the prices are very competitive, so you can save money while shopping at their website.

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