Girl Scout Cookies Strain: A Delicious Treat to Inspire Euphoria

Sometimes, eating a whole box of Girl Scout cookies (any flavor will do!) is an easy way to relax the nerves. But why not go the extra mile and achieve both a body- and a mind-high? The Girl Scout Cookies strain provides users with just that; it’s almost a perfect mix of Indica’s deeply relaxing (60%) and Sativa’s invigorating effects (40%). 

Girl Scout Cookies Strain 101: Origin and Effects

The potent genetic makeup of Girl Scout Cookies isn’t a surprise given the strains that were used to get it. On one end, we have Durban Poison, an extremely popular Sativa with 21.5% THC and 1% CBD. On the other, there’s a hybrid, OG Kush, which has 23.5% THC, barely any CBD, and a good balance of Sativa and Indica (55% and 45%).

Where does that leave us with Girl Scout Cookies? Well, don’t expect it to have a lot of CBD, as it can barely reach 0.20%. As for THC, it’s not usually as potent as some other strains, but it can have anywhere from 18 to 28%.

But the main thing we’re interested in is — how does it work and do the effects match the name? As it stands, the name is somewhat misleading. Although sweet and possibly milder than some other strains, Girl Scout Cookies packs quite a punch. 

Users often notice that they’re more sociable and creative, not to mention inspired to act upon those new feelings. However, at the same time, the full-body high may keep them glued to their seats, feeling so relaxed that all their problems seemingly melt away.

The effects may last for hours as the concentration of THC found in this strain takes a while to dissipate. As such, it’s better to opt for Girl Scout Cookies when unwinding or at social gatherings where we don’t mind laughing, giggling, and goofing around. After all, this strain inspires pure happiness and euphoria. Oh, and don’t forget about the munchies!

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Appearance, Taste, and Scent

As the name suggests, this strain may have a slight cookie aroma to it, particularly the minty kind. There is also some earthiness and chocolate there as well. The fragrance becomes stronger when the buds are cut up.

As for the taste, it mostly tastes like OG, but with the addition of something minty and candy-like. We could even say that it has a brown sugar flavor, but there is some spiciness to it as well (think peppers and nutmeg). In some cases, the toke may have a slightly citrus-like flavor too.

One of the most distinctive traits of this strain, however, is its appearance. With its bright green calyxes, deep purple leaves, and some hints of orange here and there (the hairs), it’s just as mesmerizing to look at as it is to smoke.

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Which Ailments Can It Help With?

It’s evident that the low CBD content won’t do us much good, but the high THC concentration may help with quite a few ailments. It has been said that the Girl Scout Cookies strain is particularly effective at alleviating depression, stress, and anxiety, especially if we smoke it. Edibles and concentrates may be a better option for easing chronic pain, nausea, and appetite loss. Due to its relaxing properties, it can also help with insomnia and work as a tranquilizer. 

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Are There Any Potential Side Effects?

Just like any other strain, Girl Scout Cookies may also have some adverse effects. The most common of them is dry mouth, which can be alleviated by drinking plenty of water. Apart from that, there are low risks of experiencing dry eyes, dizziness, headaches, and paranoia. If we take too much, we may become slightly anxious as well.

Growing the Girl Scout Cookies Strain

We can grow this strain both outdoors and indoors, though if we decide to do it outside, we’ll have to take the climate into account. Girl Scout Cookies strain requires a warm climate with plenty of sunshine. As such, a Mediterranean one would be the best option.

When grown outside, we can expect each plant to yield about 10 oz. The harvest can begin sometime in mid-October. If we decide to grow it indoors, the plants will flower in nine to ten weeks and yield about 10 oz/m2 on average.

Overall, though, this is neither a challenging nor an easy strain to take care of. It grows well both in soil and using hydroponic methods. The strain is also somewhat mold and mildew resistant and doesn’t attract pests too much. It will, however, require a bit of research to ensure the growth conditions are just right.

Final Thoughts

As an overall balanced choice, the Girl Scout Cookies strain has been a favorite for decades, and it’s all thanks to its glorious body- and mind-high. These work together to help us relax and unwind, but at the same time, we also feel happier, euphoric, and uplifted. It doesn’t hurt that the strain has a sweet aroma and minty flavor, too — it’s the marijuana equivalent of cookies!