Ice Cream Strain Review: Marijuana Information

Ice Cream is a hybrid marijuana strain made famous in the cannabis culture with its sweet and fruity taste. It has also been described as having an “ice cream” aroma and flavor, hence why it is given this name.

The strain is a mix of Banana Split, Girl Scout Cookie, and East Coast Sour Diesel. When Ice Cream is grown, it can yield decent results that are ripe with trichomes. The potency is said to be similar to the effects of smoking an actual ice cream cone.

This marijuana strain has gained quite a reputation not only for being tasty but also for its ability to be used as a sleep aid. Though Ice Cream won’t cause couch-lock, it may make the user feel incredibly sleepy once they’re done smoking.

With its THC content estimated to be anywhere from 20-26 percent, the strain may be used as an effective creative and/or medical treatment for those suffering from ADHD or PTSD. It can also help provide relief for chronic pain and migraines.

Ice Cream is a relatively easy strain to grow and has been considered a “beginner’s strain”. This marijuana plant can grow tall and stretch quite a bit, so it’s recommended to keep the plant in an area where there is plenty of room to grow. Though the yield may not be as high when compared to other marijuana strains, what Ice Cream lacks in quantity, it makes up for with quality.

About the Ice Cream Strain

The marijuana strain is a very potent type of marijuana that was once limited to California, but now can be found across the country in areas with relaxed cannabis laws.

The strain is highly regarded for its powerful effects that invoke feelings of euphoria and relaxation without any strains. This makes it a good choice for anxious people who need something to calm their nerves or insomniacs looking for a sleep aid.

However, because ice cream has such a high THC content of 28% when properly grown, it’s not a great choice for the beginning cannabis user.

The taste is sweet and earthy with pine coming through on the exhale. If you’re wondering where the marijuana strain got its name from, let us tell you that there are actual ice cream cone-shaped buds along with a THC content of 28%.

There is no sign of Indica or Sativa, but it’s a 60/40 hybrid. THCV and CBN are the two main ingredients that give Ice Cream marijuana strain its medical properties.

The first few hits on a bowl of Ice cream will help with anxiety and insomnia, though if you go overboard you may be glued to the couch.

Ice cream is a very tasty strain and it makes for a good mood enhancer as well as a good pain reliever. It’s great for people suffering from arthritis and other aches and pains, as it helps relax tense muscles and relieves inflammation.


The smell of Ice Cream is a sickly sweet smell that will have your mouth watering. Its aroma is a mixture between citrus and fruit, but there is something that sets it apart from other more popular strains in the marijuana field.

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The taste of Ice Cream is heavily influenced by the smell, but it lacks some flavor when compared to other top strains in the marijuana business, such as Blue Dream or Girl Scout Cookies. It has a citrusy and earthy aftertaste that isn’t entirely bad, but it’s not what you might expect for a marijuana strain that is as pungent as this one.


Ice Cream marijuana strain has a distinctive taste with hints of pine and citrus fruits. It’s a sweet, rich flavor that’s perfect for spending a relaxing evening at home.


Ice Cream is a popular marijuana strain because it has dark green leaves with light green and orange hairs. This cannabis plant grows short and bushy, which only adds to the production of large nugs. The branch-like structure of Ice Cream makes this marijuana strain suitable for tying down and getting the most out of your crop.


The effects of Ice Cream are euphoric, happy, and calming. It may be useful for those with stress or anxiety issues because the combination of mood elevation and relaxation will give you a sense of tranquility that will last for hours. That being said, the strain is also good at treating depression, ADHD, and pain.

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Growing the Ice Cream Strain

The growth of Ice Cream is interesting because it has the ability to produce both large yields and monster colas, but this marijuana plant isn’t easy to grow either. It requires special attention in order for you to get the most out of your marijuana crop. The flowering time of the plant is 8-9 weeks, which is just a little longer than your average marijuana strain.

Once you start growing this marijuana you’ll quickly see that the marijuana strain is a good yielder. In fact, the average yield is almost 19 ounces per square meter indoors and 18 ounces per plant outdoors with an 8 week flower time.

With those yields, the Ice Cream marijuana strain will not only be very profitable but worth all the effort it takes to grow this beauty.

When grown indoors, the Ice Cream marijuana strain will grow as tall as 80 inches, and outdoors, it can reach heights of 100-120 inches.

THC Content-Highest Test

You will be happy to know that the Ice Cream marijuana strain has an average THC level of around 20%. This makes it one of the most potent marijuana strains you will find today.

CBD Content-Highest Test

This marijuana strain has the highest CBD content of around 1%.

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Medical Benefits Ice Cream Marijuana Strain

Ice Cream is a marijuana strain that has been specifically bred for its high CBD and low THC content.

This means it’s perfect for people who want to experience the effects of cannabis without any psychoactive or mind-altering side effects.

Emotional benefits:

– Enjoy the same euphoric feeling as you would with other strains, but without any anxiety, paranoia, or panic attacks!

– The Ice Cream strain is an excellent choice for users who suffer from chronic stress, depression, or anxiety.

Physical benefits:

– Ice cream marijuana strain provides all the pain relief found in other strains but without any psychoactive effects that hinder your ability to perform daily tasks.

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Some Adverse Effects of Ice Cream Strain

There are some possible side effects of using Ice Cream marijuana strains that you should be aware of. Most commonly, this strain can cause dry mouth and dry eyes. You could also experience paranoia, dizziness, headaches, and increased heart rate with the use of the Ice Cream marijuana strain.

This is just a shortlist of possible side effects associated with the Ice Cream marijuana strain. There could be other side effects as well since everyone’s body chemistry is different.

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Ice Cream is a popular marijuana strain that has been made famous for its taste and ability to help one relax. With the mixture of Girl Scout Cookie, East Coast Sour Diesel, and Banana Split, Ice Cream contains many medicinal benefits.

Some negative effects may occur, such as paranoia and dizziness, but these effects only last a short period of time before they fade away. Ice Cream is a marijuana strain that can be used by beginners or people who are looking for a marijuana strain to help them relax.

The marijuana strain lacks flavor when compared to other top-of-the-line strains, but it makes up for it with its powerful effects. Ice Cream is recommended to novice and experienced marijuana users because of its potent THC content, but you will want to try this strain at least once in your lifetime.

If you have any personal experiences with this marijuana strain please do share them in the comment section below.

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