CBD Clinic Products Details and Review (2022)

Take one look at the market for CBD companies that can meet your needs, and you will likely be confused about which one to choose. Company reviews help you get to know more about a specific brand. This brand review will focus on CBD Clinic and its products, so you can decide whether this is the brand you need.

Company Score

CBD Clinic has several topical products that contain CBD or hemp extracts. Some of their products have high potencies, but you can choose between the levels or effects. However, there are some details not stated on the website. This makes it hard for customers to trust the company.

Rating: 70 / 100

A) Transparency Score:

Rating: 15 / 25

The company website has failed to show all the important information customers need to know. The company has third-party testing information on its website, but this is not enough to ensure that all products are safe and effective. It cannot be trusted for people who have serious health conditions. Production details are also missing. The COA lab test results are shown on the website but are not updated regularly.

B) Product Selection Score:

Rating: 15 / 25

The company has a good product selection. It offers creams and ointments that can address your pain. They also offer CBD-infused products like oils and patches. However, the company doesn’t show all of its products on its website. Some products are only available through their customer service.

C) Customer Service Score

Rating: 25 / 25

The company has excellent customer service. It is available in person, by phone, and through email. Their staff is knowledgeable and friendly to customers. They can provide you with the information that you need when purchasing their products. This makes them trustworthy and reliable.

They also accept returns for their money-back guarantee. However, this is only applicable to unopened products.

D) Hemp Source Score

Rating: 15 / 25

The hemp sources of the company are not shown on its website. This is one important piece of information that we would like to know, as this will give us an idea of whether they use quality and safe products or not.

CBD Clinic Details About Their Products

It’s crucial to have certain details about a company, so we’ll take a look at what we found.

Hemp Source

The company sources its hemp extracts from Charlotte’s Web. However, the location where the hemp comes from is not stated on the website.

Testing & Quality Control

CBD Clinic has third-party testing information on its website. It shows the lab test results for their products. However, the company does not have a page that explains in detail how they conduct their quality control measures. Also, the COA results on the products are not updated.

Contact Details: How to Get in Touch With the Company?

You can send them an email with any concern or inquiry. They also have their phone number on the website if you need to talk to customer service.

Pros & Cons

There are some good points and bad points that customers need to know about CBD Clinic. These are:

Good Points

  • Free shipping
  • Different potencies to choose from
  • Some products have high potencies
  • Different types of topicals for pain relief

Bad Points

  • The website lacks important information about the company and products
  • Prices are higher than other brands
  • The money-back-guarantee only applies to unopened products
  • Products are not all shown on the website

2022 Product Reviews: CBD Clinic

1. Pain Relief Stick

This Pain Relief Stick from the CBD Clinic was pretty effective in relieving pain. It is unmessy to use and non-greasy when applied. The smell is a little strong, but it fades away after a few minutes. It contains 360 mg CBD. It also has camphor and menthol for an icy cooling sensation. This is a must-have for people who are always on the go.

2. Pain Relief Cream

This Pain Relief Cream from CBD Clinic is great for those who are experiencing body pains. The product can easily be absorbed by the skin when applied. It also leaves a cooling sensation that helps to relieve pain and inflammation. The cream helps in relieving muscle soreness. It comes in a 44g tub and 200g jar. It is odor-free, THC-free, and non-greasy.

3. Pain Relief Oil

This Pain Relief Oil from CBD Clinic is another option if you want relief from pain and inflammation. This product comes in a 12oz bottle. It contains 150 mg hemp extracts but also has camphor and eucalyptus for that minty feel. The oil is easy to apply and quickly absorbs into the skin. It is also non-greasy and THC-free.

4. Pain Relief Ointment

This Pain Relief Ointment from CBD Clinic is a great option for those with chronic pain. It is made with natural ingredients and helps to relieve inflammation, muscle soreness, and joint pain. The ointment comes in a 44g jar. It has long-lasting effects with a cooling minty feel. This comes in different potencies to choose from.

5. Pain Relief Patch

This Pain Relief Patch from CBD Clinic is an alternative option for those who don’t like using topicals. It is easy to use and can be easily attached to the affected area. The patch has a strong minty smell that may seem unpleasant at first, but it fades away after several minutes. The product comes in a box of 5 large patches.

6. Massage Cream

This Massage Cream from CBD Clinic is perfect for those who want to massage the affected area. The cream contains hemp extracts, camphor, and menthol. It also has a cooling sensation that helps to relieve pain. This comes in different potencies to choose from: the 44g jar contains 200 mg CBD while the 200g jar has 900 mg CBD.

How to Order From CBD Clinic?

You can order from the CBD Clinic website. You need to create an account first before you can place your order. The company also has a phone number if you want to talk to customer service. They offer free shipping for orders within the US. Aside from the website, there are also other online retailers where you can buy the products of CBD Clinic.

Where Will CBD Clinic Ship?

CBD Clinic ships its products within the USA. They offer free shipping for US orders, and it usually takes two to four days to deliver, depending on your location.

Comparing Their Prices With Other Brands

CBD Clinic is a bit more expensive than other brands. The prices range from $25 to $200, which some people find too high.

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What to Do If You Have Signed Up With a Scam CBD?

If you have signed up with a scam CBD, your best option is to contact your bank and ask them to reverse the charges. You can also try to get in touch with the company and ask them to refund your money. If they don’t cooperate, you can file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau or any other consumer protection agency.

Keep in mind that there are a lot of scam brands on the internet these days. It is best to do your research before you buy. Many legitimate brands offer great products at reasonable prices. You can also read reviews of the brand or customer feedback before making a purchase decision.

CBD Education

1. What is CBD?

CBD, or cannabidiol, is an active ingredient in cannabis. It is one of over 100 compounds found in the plant and has been used to treat a variety of ailments since ancient times. CBD can help with epilepsy,  anxiety, depression, insomnia, pain, and inflammation.

2. What is THC?

THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, is the psychoactive ingredient in cannabis. It is responsible for the “high” feeling that users experience. THC can also cause anxiety and paranoia in some people.

3. What is CBG?

CBG, or cannabigerol, is one of over 100 compounds found in cannabis. It has a mild psychedelic effect and can cause relaxation. CBG is an anti-inflammatory agent and may help with pain relief.

4. What Are Terpenes?

Terpenes are fragrant oils that give plants their unique smell. They are also responsible for many of the therapeutic effects of cannabis. Terpenes can help with anxiety, depression, pain relief, and sleep, among other things.

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Conclusion: Final Review

CBD Clinic is a brand that offers CBD products for pain relief. The company has a variety of potencies to choose from and offers free shipping for US orders. CBD Clinic is more expensive than other brands, but the products are of good quality. The website has a lot of missing information about the company and products and should work on making the website more user-friendly. Overall, CBD Clinic is a good brand if you are focused on just getting topicals. Otherwise, you will have to search for other brands to get other types of CBD products.

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